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How to Decorate your Interiors with Oil Painting?


Decorating the walls of your interior with the most appealing and exquisite décor item is every home owner’s wish. From photographs to wall hangings and pictures the options are many. But one décor item that can accentuate the overall beauty of your interiors and stand out from the rest is an oil painting.

Hanging an oil painting on the wall shows the artistic taste of the homeowner. It shows how much the homeowner cares about beautifying the home and providing an exquisite touch to it. The aesthetic sense of the owner is visible through the paintings he chooses.

If you are planning to decorate your home with oil painting here are a few things that you should consider.

  • The walls: Creating contrasts is the essence of home décor. If the wall you are planning to hang the painting is of light shade, then go for oil painting in darker hues. On the other hand, if the wall is painted in a bold color, then painting in a light shade like white or cream would be a good choice.


  • The size of the room: The size of the oil painting selected should be directly proportionate to the size of the room. Otherwise, there will be a miss-match, and it defeats the whole purpose of decorating with oil painting. Similarly, for large walls, you should consider paintings that are in a horizontal dimension or those that are painted in split canvas to cover the width of the wall. For small walls, square paintings would be the right choice.


  • The style of décor: If you prefer minimalistic wall décor for your interior, then you should select oil paintings with a geometric pattern as it goes well with the style. Alternatively, if you want your room to be vibrant and full of colors, then choose an abstract artwork with a lot of colors.


  • Go for frameless paintings: Gone are the days when the paintings used to be framed using a metallic or colored frame. Frameless paintings that are ready to hang are in vogue now. You can even purchase split canvas painting that can cover a wider area of the wall. Split canvases are also available in different sizes to create a unique feel. This provides a new dimension to your interior décor.


  • The number of paintings: You may be highly passionate about oil paintings. But always remember to restrict the number of painting in a room to one. This helps in creating a focal point where you can concentrate on. If more than one paintings are used, it creates a feeling of over-decorating which may not be aesthetically pleasing.


On top of all this, you should consider your personality as well before choosing an oil painting. If you are a person with an artistic bend of mind, the painting that you choose should reflect your personality. You can decorate your wall with any type of painting. But you will not feel comfortable if you select a theme that does not gel with your personality.

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